Swamp Elf

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Swamp Elves are ancient beings who were profound mystics and tamed the origins of the Water Element.  They were known for elaborate and extensive rituals that summoned origin, ancient powers of magic.  Swamp Elves lived in smaller, insular communities, but they tended to be in larger communities that were never more than 50kms apart.  Swamp Elves are a very primal, early race of Elf who were warriors and trained guardians who kept safe all living creatures within the vast territories.  They were commanders of many dimensions of magic and they honoured tremendous knowledge of ancient practices.

As spirit companions Swamp Elves are marvelous teachers who will hep you understand mystic connections and work with many different levels & dimensions of magic.  Swamp Elves are reliable, attentive, and persistent teachers who give you thoughtful advice and support in unlocking the mystic mind and the ancient paths of power.  They help unleash your courage, passion, and desire to learn & know more about your supernatural & natural talents.

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  • Artist: Monica Tokarczyk
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