Red Lily Elf

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The Red Lily Elf - can work in either the light or dark ways. Two sides creating balance, strength, harmony and ease.

Lilies are associated with the moon, water, emotion, and love.
Lilies can be used for protection; they can keep away unwanted visitors, spirits, negativity, and curses. The easiest way to utilise it is to plant it in your garden.
Lilies can be carried to repel targeted love magic, or used to break spells regarding love.
This flower can be used in relation to divinity; contacting spirit guides and angels, and aiding in communication with deities.

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  • 21.59cm x 27.94cm PDF
  • High Resolution Print
  • Artist: Monica Tokarczyk
  • Not for Commercial Use
  • Original Artwork Available for Commercial Use.

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