About Us

Mystic House – The Rebirth of the Dream

Mystic House first opened its bricks and mortar doors on the 1st of July, 2009. The intention was to be a little shop located across the road; but by the powers that were at the time, it became a department store specifically for all walks of life – Witchy Wares and supplies, along with Tibetan and Christian goods, Tarot Cards galore, books, even a library where customers could just come in and read with their coffee. 

Almost every home had a perfectly purple gift-wrapped Mystic House present under the tree for Christmas that year.

It was looking as if it would all run strongly; but as the founder learned quickly; her transition to become a public figure as a Psychic and Business Owner also meant that her life had to change; including the security of her lifestyle as it was at the time.  What do they say?  “Something’s gotta Give”

With Separation, Divorce and a bitter battle over assets, She realised that there was more to life than money and image, and with that realisation, it allowed Monica the opportunity to let it all go and bide her time for the right moment to re enter the psychic realm with the support of her peers.

Like a Phoenix Rising, Monica resurfaced two years later and created Readings with Monica; Her work as a Psychic, Reiki Practitioner and Life Coach, makes her the happiest and most comfortable in her own skin. During this time, she returned to the roots of her craft; and by honouring herself, created the life and lifestyle she wanted. "Simplicity and Synchronistity"  

Now, 10 years later,  Mystic House is reborn as Mystic House Online.  The relaunch of Mystic House still displays the same logo, and the same personal contact and attention to detail as the first day of trading so many years ago.  This time though, Monica holds the reins firmly, and has the wonderful support of her family and faerie helpers. 

As it was back in 'the day' Monica sources from within Australia as well as Overseas, and with that, she is fully transparent when it comes to delivery times, pre orders, and any delays projected.  Quality Control has always been her priority, so if something isn't right, please let her know and she will fix it.

We wish you well browsing and ordering from Mystic House Online and look forward to a long and secure relationship with you.

Blessings and Big Huggles

From all the Gang at Mystic House Online