Moon Child

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We have all looked up at the moon at some point of our lives and been in a state of sheer awe at its magnetic presence and awesomeness. It illuminates the sky as a grand beacon of light and mystery. The luminosity can bring people back to their celestial origins and it’s transparency radiates in such a way suggesting all truth shall be revealed and it offers hope and the promise of a new day.  There are many analogies relating the full moon to times when things get a little strange for normal human beings.

Moon Children have a very intense energy associated with moons and it means they have worked with the moons energy in several past lives.  They have most likely learned and trained themselves to work with the moons energy and brought it into their lives.  This isn’t a passing fancy, this is an obvious preoccupation for a true moon child. This borders on obsession with the moon and it means they have connected with moon energy in many lifetimes, not just one.  They would have known the effect the energy the moon has and their energetic body recognizes it and pulls it in.

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  • Artist: Monica Tokarczyk
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